Hey @leo you still using your Framework laptop and if so how are you liking it?

@redeagle I mainly use CyberDuck on Win/OS X, looks like there is a CLI version for linux duck.sh/

@Gargron @pixelfed Could something like this be added to the admin panel for Mastodon?

@leo Please post updates on how it handles day to day work.

@dansup Good idea. What about a mouse over dialog that also says the account name and something like " - Remote" " - Local"?

So mouse over a users story icon and it'll say "Adam West - Remote" "Sue Bishop - Local". That way also if people are colour blind/don't know what the colour rings mean.

Madison Bumgarner during his rehab assignment with the San Jose Giants - May 2018.

@redeagle Would a mesh network that doesn't need line of sight be an option?

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