Oh shit, there are no shuttles between SFO to SJC??

Uber would cost $120...

The BART + Caltrain + bus ride would take 3 hours...

I guess I'll take the hybrid route, which takes 2h and isn't exactly free: BART ($4.80) + Caltrain ($8.25) + Lyft ($18) = $30. Plus, this morning I paid $38 for the shuttle from Santa Rosa to SFO...

You gotta be rich to live without a car in the Bay Area 🙃

@codewiz Yup, getting around the Bay Area is a pain if you don't have a car.


@codewiz It’s a sharp contrast to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) and most large European cities.

@KuroKuma I live in Tokyo and I love the fast and reliable public transportation.

But things will change when ride sharing will be powered by driverless electric vehicles. They seem to be just a few years away, and it seems inevitable that they'll supplant both private vehicles and public transportation.

@codewiz Tokyo public transit is something I also loved when living and visiting. Made life so much easier.

Hopefully AI/ML powered electric ride sharing will help make getting around easier and fill the gap in public transit in the US.

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