Hey @leo you still using your Framework laptop and if so how are you liking it?

Madison Bumgarner during his rehab assignment with the San Jose Giants - May 2018.

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When a Mastodon user who has been quiet for a long time starts posting again

✌from GRIMECRAFT and a 👍 from Austin Creed letting us know they're ready for Kinda Funny ! - June 2017 San Francisco, California.

Even when perfectly still the Porsche 918 Spyder looks fast. Taken at the Four Seasons Palo Alto during 100OCT Cars and Croissants Sept. 2017.

Ming Chen living up to his Comic Book Men namesake reading Frank Millers' Batman: Year One during Coral Sword's opening weekend Feb. 2018.

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Ryan Vogelsong & Hunter Pence pouring beers during Affeldt & Friends Charity Bash 2018 benefiting Generation Alive. Thanks to GA for always reaching out to help photograph one of my favorite off the field events during the season.

.@dansup Is Pixelfed pretty manageable to run for someone who runs their own Mastodon instance? Was wondering since the install docs say “Pixelfed is still a work in progress. We do not recommending running an instance in production at this stage unless you know what you are doing!”.

It's always wedding season at Meiji Jingu. Stop by any day, especially Sunday's, to catch a wedding party or two walking to the wedding ceremony or taking photos. Taken Dec. 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

Want to see more? Here's video from one of my trips to Japans most popular shrine and where another couple were tying the knot.


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We're refactoring the mobile app to support Groups and Stories.

Once those features are released, our top priority will be releasing the mobile app beta!


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